August 2002

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Players [People on the Move]

By Catherine Kelly

If you’re serous about collecting art, who you gonna call? Kim M. Heirston is a solid start. The 38-year-old Manhattan-based art adviser is a Yale graduate who specializes in post-1960s works. She identifies pieces that make solid investments for her clients, who include Wall Street types and international collectors. They count on Heirston to steer them toward blue-chip art and clear of pieces that are overpriced and overhyped. “[A lot of people] will walk into an art gallery in Soho and leave with a rather expensive work of art that isn’t necessarily going to appreciate,” she says. Some of her current favorites are pieces by Kara Walker, Ellen Gallagher and Gary Simmons. “I look for work that could be part of museum collection,” she says, “[pieces by] artists who have advanced the course of art history.”