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Our approach is client-specific and collaborative. Typically, we begin the process with an extended site visit. The client’s space, its architectural detail, and even the setting, help establish physical parameters for a specific collection. For those who plan to purchase works for a future residence, or simply for the joy of collecting, our approach – as well as the possibilities – broaden. In these instances, we focus on acquiring key artworks that form the core of the client’s collection, independent of size, palette, and other location-specific restrictions.

Process of Looking

Following an initial dialogue, the advisory targets a series of museum and gallery exhibitions to visit with clients. This practice is a critical step in identifying the collector’s own art historical and aesthetic leanings.  We continue the process by accompanying clients to international art fairs, biennales, auction previews, and by visiting artists’ studios.

Collection Focus & Philosophy

Determining the purpose of a collection provides a roadmap for meaningful and valuable acquisitions. As we establish the collector’s interests and vision, we help lay the groundwork for a collection focus and philosophy. Whether the desired work is painting, photography, sculpture, video, or installation, the goal is to conceive a cohesive collection of lasting value.

Research & Connoisseurship

Research is an integral part of the acquisition process. We implement a two-pronged approach, which focuses on both the historical importance and investment value respective to individual works of art. When vetting works for clients, our team thoroughly investigates condition, provenance, history, and comparable market sales. We consult experts including gallerists, private dealers, art historians, critics, museum curators, estate representatives, private collectors, auction house specialists, conservators, and, at times, the artists themselves. Public museum library archives are a vital part of this process, as is our extensive in-house library, which includes out-of-print monographs and rare art publications, catalogue raisonnés, museum and gallery exhibition catalogs, artist essays, and a varied selection of art periodicals.

Investment value for each work of art is determined, in part, by consulting several key auction databases, looking at private sector sales, and analyzing overall current market trends. For nearly every artwork we offer, the advisory conducts in-depth provenance checks and engages independent conservators to inspect condition. All of these steps are carried out diligently to ensure that works are of historical significance, excellent quality, and solid investment value.


Our longstanding relationships with international gallerists, dealers, auction house specialists, and numerous independent experts in the field provide us with insight and access to both rare and highly coveted artworks. This, coupled with annual art fairs, auction house sales, biennials, and museum and gallery exhibitions, present important opportunities for acquisitions.

Far in advance of leading art world events, the advisory’s team intently combs through auction and gallery preview materials to compile works of interest for each client. Frequently, we arrange for clients to privately view the art in person. When possible, we also coordinate works of interest to be brought on approval to our client’s space. This allows collectors to engage with a work directly, in situ, for an extended period of time.

Collection Management

Following an acquisition, the advisory goes to great lengths to handle all matters relating to shipping and installation, lighting and framing, restoration, insurance, appraisals, exhibition loan requests, and collection archives. We work with an extensive network of shippers, art handlers, conservators, and other fine art professionals to ensure the best possible care for our client’s works. The advisory’s office also maintains a detailed database of all acquisitions.  By cataloguing each work in our system, we closely track every aspect of each client’s collection. Additionally, we provide regular artwork appraisals, especially during times of significant market shifts. When collectors wish to part with a work in their collection, the advisory will spearhead the resale process.  Whether privately, or through auction, we strive to realize the best possible price for every work.